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Peter Mamo

Fitness modelling

Real Name: Peter Mamo
D.O.B: March 28th, 1982
Height: 186cm
Weight: 86kg
Nationality: Australian

Redbak is proud to sponsor Peter as an official Redbak Ambassador, helping him to achieve his fitness and physique goals. 

Peter's story:

Peter is a fitness model who was born and raised in the inner city streets of Sydney. Peter started weight training from the age of 17 with his brother in an effort to purse a career in professional rugby league. Due to an unfortunate run with injuries, he didn't get to live out his initial dreams.

This didn't damper his passion for health and fitness. Fitness continued to play an important role in his life and eventually led him to become a certified personal trainer. He has a strong passion for motivating and empowering others to reach their goals, whether they be weight-loss, fitness or muscle gain. 

Peter believes nutrition is absolutely vital in achieving any fitness goal, be that performance or body composition. He keeps his body in prime condition through the application of the CrossFit training method, for which he is a certified facilitator.  This training technique helps him in the various obstacle course races he participates in. 

Peter has also appeared in and authored a number of articles in Fitness First Magazine and his modelling career continues to expand, with his recently completed photo-shoot for Men's Health Magazine.

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