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Nathan Carmichael


Real Name: Nathan Carmichael
D.O.B: September 6th, 1980
Weight: 86kg
Nationality: Australian

Redbak is proud to sponsor Nathan as an official Redbak Ambassador, helping him to achieve his fitness and physique goals.   

Nathan's story:

My name is Nathan Carmichael and I've wanted to be a bodybuilder for as long as I can remember. It all started for me like many aspiring bodybuilders by watching Arnold Schwarzenneger movies. This was further encouraged by the fact that I have a brother who is 17 years older than me and owned his own gym, and he was a HUGE role model for me as a young boy in more ways than one.

By the time I was 12 years old I had been reading Flex, Muscle and Fitness magazines, and I've been reading Joe Weiders Ultimate Bodybuilding book cover to cover for years. At 15, I took out my first gym membership and set about finding the training routines that worked best for me.

Around two and a half years ago I decided to seriously compete as a bodybuilder, and commenced regimented training towards that goal. At the end of 2012 I started my competition prep with my coach Luke Peressini, which culminated in placing 3rd in both the novice tall and mens under 90kg classes at the 2013 ANB Asia Pacific International. This was a result which I am extremely happy with but eager to improve upon. I am currently in heavy training for the 2013 ANB Nationals and Musclemania, and can't wait to get on stage again.

Away from the gym I am currently studying a bachelor of education (primary) with Curtin University, and I am looking forward to not only teaching children but educating them about health and fitness along the way. 

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