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Lawrence Templar

Fitness Model

Real Name: Lawrence Templar
Weight: 90kg
D.O.B: October 5th, 1989
Nationality: Australian

Redbak is proud to sponsor Lawrence as an official Redbak Ambassador, helping him to achieve his fitness and physique goals. 

Lawrence's story:

"My name is Lawrence Templar and my story started when I was about 17. Every day after school I would race home to do my chores and then go straight to the skate park. Every afternoon that I went past the skate park, I would go past the local gym in Gisborne. I could see all the older guys pumping their guns and looking ripped. This motivated me to join the gym because I wanted to look like them.

When I first started the gym, just like everyone else I had no idea what I was doing. I started going to the gym for about 3 months, but then ended up quitting the gym and buying a home gym. Like everyone else who purchases a home gym, I thought that would be enough to make me grow. At this stage I was 18 and wasn't even taking protein or any other supplements.

Once I finished school and went out into the work force, I ended up quitting skateboarding. This is when I decided I wanted to take the gym more seriously. I set myself goals of trying to get bigger and more shredded. I enjoyed the gym environment so much that I decided to become a personal trainer myself two and a half years ago. This is where I began to understand diet and training. Since then, I have always done a 5-6 day split training week and kept my diet clean with the odd cheat meal here and there (usually on the weekend).

The story of how I began to compete was very random and spontaneous! I was at the INBA May 2012 competition to watch and support a friend and work mate, Tom McKenna. Tom was competing in Junior Men and found out they had a Mr Beach Body competition. A couple of people from work encouraged me to just go for it, so I did. The took me back stage and slapped on the tan, brought me a pair of shorts from black and blue. I just jumped on stage and ended up taking out first place.

Since then I have competed in ANB Fitness Model 2012 Victoria and ended up winning as well. After that, I had the opportunity to compete in the 2012 Asia Pacific fitness model under 30 and came 13th. In future I hope to be able to go a higher level of competition and go and compete in America against all the people I look to for inspiration.

My inspiration comes from numerous things, especially since I work in a gym full of people who have competed and are working towards competing. I'm also inspired by people very close to be such as my family (my Dad Robert Templar, my Mum Kay Badger and my sister Elizabeth Templar) who have supported my every decision.

In addition my inspiration comes from people who I have met through my life and have motivated me to advance in myself. These people include my old boss Anthony Gunter and good mate Robert Herrod (owner and creator of Herrod Motorsport). Finally, I can't forget people such as Greg Plitt, Rob Ritches and Lazar Angelov who are always good for a quick pre-training YouTube search to get you pumped up for training!"

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* Profile text from Lawrence's profile on Inspirational Bodies.

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