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Thumb_Guy Mason

Guy Mason

Natural Bodybuilder

Real Name: Guy Mason
Nickname: Mr Triceps
Nationality: Australian

Redbak is proud to introduce Ambassador and Sponsored Athlete, Guy Mason.

"Natural Body Building has been a hobby for over 20 years. I am also a personal trainer for a variety of clients not only in body building, but for weight loss, endurance, toning and body sculpting for men and women. I am well known in Australian Natural Body Building as "Mr Triceps"."

"Natural Body Building started for me when I was 18 years old, I had my first visit to the gym with my older brother, after my first gym session I was hooked and haven't stopped since. It then became a bit of an obsession eat, sleep, train. In 2005 I had a terrible motorbike accident where I did serious damage to both my legs. I was rushed to surgery and it was 50/50 as to whether one of my legs would have to be amputated from the top of the knee down. They managed to save my leg and it was a very long rehabilitation process; approximately 12 months of physiotherapy. I was told I could never do any weight bearing exercises on my legs again. I started my rehabilitation at home in my garage with my wife Lavinia and we have lived the lifestyle ever since."

"This year I decided to enter in two Natural Body Building Competitions with the ANB and obtained excellent results."

2012 ANB South Coast Championships Masters Men 2nd &  Novice Men 2nd 
2012 ANB South Coast Championships Overall Encouragement Trophy 

2012 ANB Sydney Championships Masters men 2nd 

Guy received great feedback from the judges from both competitions, and is currently preparing for the ANB Australian Championships in 2013 where he plans to compete in his weight class. He also may do some INBA shows as well. 

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