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Thumb_Greg Gregory

Greg Gregory


Real Name: Greg Gregory
Nationality: Australian
Titles: 11 and counting

Greg' story:

My name is Greg Gregory and my journey into body building all began when I was 16 years old. My brother said 8 words that got me motivated to prove him and everyone wrong. Those words were "you will never be as big as me"!

From there I set up my own gym set at home and started training. 2 years down the track, I entered my first ever body building show at 18 years of age - the 2006 IFBB Australasia competition. I ended up winning my first title there, "Mr Australasia Teenage", and from there my love for the sport began. I joined up at my local gym and started getting serious about training. Training and the bodybuilding lifestyle is all I knew and from there I entered many shows.

I've placed: 

  • 1st Place 2006 IFBB Australasia Teenage 
  • 1st Place 2007 IFBB Australasia Juniors
  • 1st Place 2007 ANB South Coast Juniors
  • 1st Place 2007 ANB South Coast  Under 80kg
  • 1st Place 2008 WNBF battle of the warriors sydney titles for juniors
  • 1st Place 2008 ANB South Coast Juniors
  • 1st Place 2008 ANB South Coast  Under 80kg
  • 2nd Place 2007 ANB Sydney
  • 2nd Place 2007 IFBB NSW and Australian titles
  • 1st Place 2012 ANB Central Coast Championships  Under 90kg
  • Overall 2nd Place 2012 INBA NSW titles

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