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Reach Your Goals With Our Handy Nutrition and Training Guides

Posted 06/06/13

Every time you exercise, whether that is in the gym, outdoors or at a local sporting club, you see people who train hard but achieve very little. This is usually caused not by a lack of effort, but by a lack of knowledge. The things we see most often are people doing loads of light reps until they get tired (i.e. muscle fatigue), rather than focusing on creating muscle overload (more stress, less reps) and people not maximising the effects of training through poor nutrition. 

To avoid some of these issues, try and stick to the simple rules laid out in our recent article on the laws of muscle gains. To make them easier to apply to your everyday training and nutrition, we've also put together some handy nutrition and training guides. You can use these to make sure you're focusing on the right kind of training and making the most of your training by eating the right stuff at the right times.

The guides are PDF's, so you can download them onto your computer / laptop / tablet / phone and check them any time.

Download: Nutrition and Training Guide: Recover and Rebuild

Download: Nutrition and Training Guide: Get Lean and Ripped

Download: Nutrition and Training Guide: Build Lean Mass



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