About Us

At Redbak, we understand that nutritional excellence is paramount in order to achieve REAL RESULTS. That's why Redbak Sports Supplements are scientifically formulated using only premium quality, compliant and efficacious ingredients to help you take that extra step in realising your fitness goals.

Redbak's premium range of products include high protein formulations for muscle building and recovery, lean mass gainers, amino acids, energy and high performance supplements. In addition, our products taste fantastic and are the perfect workout partner for every active person from the average 'weekend warrior', to elite sports people, bodybuilders and endurance athletes.

At Redbak we understand what consumers are looking for. We understand when looking for a sports product that it can often be difficult to identify the appropriate product segment, key product benefits and usage occasion to align with your individual needs and goals. That's why all Redbak products are packaged using our 'Quick guide' format, providing the snapshot you need to identify the appropriate product relevant to your fitness requirements.

Redbak sports supplements are manufactured and owned by leading Australian Pharmaceutical Company Probiotec Limited and are backed by pharmaceutical research, a solid ethical grounding and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Products are manufactured in a modern plant which is AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) approved and licensed for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

So get out of your fitness plateau, get serious about your training, get REAL RESULTS, get Redbak!

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